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The dispatch & management team at Walker Logistics, Inc all come from diverse backgrounds working directly for asset based truck load carriers. All of our employees have an intimate knowledge of working for trucking companies having performed job functions ranging from Driver dispatch, Fleet management, Operations management, driver recruiting, log auditing, customer service, sales management, accounting, and long haul driving.

We understand a life on the road as well as the challenges we face at the corporate headquarters every day! We understand & greatly appreciate with the most sincerity the drivers of our nation’s trucks & the people whom support them! We applaud and celebrate the individuals giving so much of them to keep America’s commerce moving so quickly and efficiently every day, no matter what day! We are pledged to work with shippers and receivers whom share this same philosophy!

Our employees will always operate with the utmost honesty and integrity committed to the over all welfare of the truck lines providing us services!


Federal ID #: 72-1565044
ICC Surety Bond #: 980435 Lincoln General Insurance Company
MC #: 523610-B

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P.O. Box 1313

Missoula, MT 59806

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